The Europa Report

Release Date: TBA


Genre: Sci-Fi + Thriller

Director: Sebastian Cordero

Summary: The Europa Report follows a contemporary manned mission to Europa – the fourth moon of Jupiter - the place thought by scientists to hold the greatest probability for alien life in our solar system. When unmanned probes suggest that a hidden ocean exists underneath the icy surface of the moon and could contain single-celled life, an international crew of six embark on a privately funded mission to the edges of our solar system to confirm the data and explore the truly revolutionary scientific discoveries that lie in the Europan ocean. The long and ambitious journey tests the psychological and physical limits of the crew as they travel further into the depths of space. As conditions on the ship are about to reach the breaking point, the crew finally touches down on the surface of the moon – the first human visitors to an alien world.

Sharlto Copley: TBA

Mikael Nyqvist: TBA



Europa Report Teaser