Release Date: Q1 2013

Q1 2013

Manufacturer: Team Ubi

Price: 219.0

Key Specs: The Ubi is an always-on voice-activated computer ready to help. Just plug it in, talk to it and it'll help you connect with your world. Ubi is a voice-activated computer that plugs into a wall outlet. You talk to the Ubi and it talks back. It directly connects to the Internet through wifi. It comes with a speakerphone, virtual assistant, intercom system, and climate-controlling system.



Ubi USB and Audio Ports

Ubi Speakers

Ubi Closeup

Ubi Schematic View

The Ubi - The Always-On Voice-Activated Computer

Ubi Plugged In

Hands-free Email

Ubi Search Easily Screenshot

Plugged in and Purple Screenshot